Tuesday, 27 April 2010

interesting 24 hours

I have had one of those days when you take action and there is a reaction. Now that I have joined stitchin fingers and put up my landscape pics, I am getting some great feedback from people who are stitching experts (which I am not!) How encouraging!

currently I am taking a little break and making a soft floppy scarf from Happy sock yarn. This will be nice for the summer since I usually like to have something around my neck. folksy has some fine scarves so don't think there is a lot of point putting it (or another like it) up for sale. I love crochet but like exploring slightly different ways of working with it.

Here are a couple of pics of the latest landscapes too!

I have sent an exploratory letter to a gallery to see if they will take my cards, since they are already in one so we'll see what happens. The worse thing they can say is thanks, but no thanks.

And I have found I film I was in on Amazon! Yay! This was something I did with my astrology hat on about 3 years ago and there's also the book I illustrated

You heard it here first folks!


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