Thursday, 22 April 2010

trawling the net

I thought I would blog and thought that blogs are interesting when you look at what other people are up to and give it out to a wider audience, so googled 'crafts at home' and came up with that stuff where people want to earn extra income by stuffing envelopes and crap like that. And then I googled fibre art - this is joyful, wonderful and gets my juices going. Here are a few little pics of what I found.

this is well worth exploring - like a good book that you can ogle over. this link shows a little thing that I did many years ago, when working with an artist friend. We loved the idea of creating something and then cutting it up and reassembling it. I once did a work shop for student teachers which started with them drawing a complicated bundle of sticks and branches in glorious bright pastels and then they tore it all up and created a 3 d version of the their drawings to create the original. Can't remember what I was thinking about, but it got rid of their fear of making a mistake ha ha!!

The lovely sheep is by feltmaker Lee Fitton x


averilpam said... looks really interesting. I love that sheep!

Annabel said...

it's great, isn't it! x

fiona d said...

thanks for the mention Annabel, I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. Can I ask you to add to your post a note to say that the sheep is by an Edinburgh artist - feltmaker Lee Fitton.

Annabel said...

Yes - will do!

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