Thursday, 21 July 2011

little boxes

I have tried papier mache and wood and am loving making these boxes! I have rediscovered influences from the past like William Morris. I had his wallpaper on my first house - a tiny terrace cottage, but adored the grandiose paper but could only afford to put it on one wall. And nostalgia! Down the road at Blakemere there is an enormous antiques emporium which is stacked sky high with all kinds of things, jewellery, hideous plates, football memorabilia but I spent ages looking though their old books (bit pricey though) and got loads of inspiration, but the best is a little section where they have old postcards. One of them must have been written very early on in the 20th century and says 'Dear Edna, I enjoying myself very much at London. I have seen a balloon with men in called the sausage. I have been on a steamer, down the River Thames, love from Marion'. That dates it a bit.

Anyway, the boxes are going well on Folksy and I have so many ideas. Getting very stuck in the past though.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I am on a roll

After much gluing, cutting and sticking I did what I set out to do and made a couple of cups and saucers. The better one has petal shaped overlapping pieces of paper and they are both surprisingly sturdy. I actually cut a piece from Selvedge magazine to make one saucer and felt a bit naughty about it. But I did read the bit I was cutting out and it mentioned both Etsy and Folksy. The article pointed out that it is not such a good idea to sell through shops as they take such a large cut, which is true, but at least they sell!
Collected a modest cheque today for selling cards in the Creative recycling Gallery href="">

That's nice. And I have now started to use some off cuts that Rosie has given me - roses on a black background. Interesting and not quite so pink and sugary. Like these felt balls...