Sunday, 6 May 2012

Giant lions and insipid lunch

Well here is the story that made me say 'ooh let's go to Chatsworth this weekend!' so we set out ignoring the fact it is Bank Holiday weekend and there was a massive jam at Bakewell (talking of jam I made the strawberry variety this weekend having tried the weightwatcher's version and decided, never again..), and arrived. Chatsworth is the most wonderful place set in stunning scenery and is the epitome of elegance, and yet caters for massive crowds and a huge influx of people at all times of the year, and yet there is space to wander off and enjoy some peace and quiet. There is no tat and the depressingly hideous gift shop items you come across occasionally. In fact it is all sumptuous and covetable, home made jam of course, produce from the estate, exquisite jewellery, nice scarves and fresh herbs to get you into that life style heaven which is a million miles away from cheap, cut price, credit crunch and just plain horrible. So we were a little disappointed to go the posh restaurant in the courtyard and ordered what was on the menu 'grilled halloumi cheese open sandwich garnished with salad and hand cut crisps, dressing and a balsamic vinegar chutney..etc etc.' What arrived was a chunk of nice bread, with a small piece of cold halloumi, a whole bag of crisps to fill up the plate and a pile of lettuce barely sprinkled with a tiny bit of dressing and some horrible grey stuff under the halloumi. How disappointing, but instead of creating a fuss we ate what was there and beat a hasty retreat. My OH, when paying the bill,
was advised that the chef has only been there for three weeks, and hadn't anticipated how BUSY it gets over a Bank Holiday and had run out of so many things that you simply shouldn't run out of hence our spartan lunch. I have no doubt that other customers would be so much more forthcoming than me in their complaints and hope this is a just a tiny glitch in an otherwise glorious visit. I think in future I will take a picnic. Took some nice flower pics see above. Next door neighbours are having a party playing Michael Buble. I have done some more paintings now at my etsy shop as my folksy shop is slowly becoming empty... And here are pictures of them