Tuesday, 17 August 2010

too busy

for blogging. But I have made more of the flower pictures and have an order for another one. I am working with hydrangea flowers which are the most glorious colours.
Life in this household is stressed just now. Amy has had three blood transfusions in the last two weeks and is still struggling with walking. She is now getting stressed about finding the bridesmaid's dresses, which are selling out fast from Coast. Not surprised, as they are stunning. But a lot can be achieved by us all pulling together.

I have been working hard on the invitations and they are now done, complete with organza ribbon to tie. I have used YARDS of the stuff and kept miscalculating how much you actually need to tie a bow.

just found this on folksy. I love sea glass. I used to spend hours collecting it on those warm sunny days by the seaside.

Here is a picture of Albert, who now has a friend called Arthur, (not yet been photo'd) and my latest blanket which has sold! Hooray!

Went out with the family at the weekend to celebrate eldest daughter's 30th (scary to be that old...), and since they are so up on soaps and celebrities they spotted Jim Mcdonald from Corrie and DCI Manson, I think, from the Bill. I hadn't a clue who they were to be honest. I think DCI Manson was taking his mum out. Sweet.

Here is a pic of me with my souvenir from the Grenada in son's kitchen.