Saturday, 9 October 2010

nearly two months on...

Funny how what was such a faff before is now history - the wedding was perfect, the bridesmaid's dresses found and a wonderful day had by all.

Now on to the next thing. Amy is having chemo now and is on day 3 - so far, so good. She has having plenty of visitors and I have been getting her pj's from primark. The docs are now saying that this is leukemia, so that's it now - she joins the ranks of cancer sufferers (one in three?) and yet, she is still Amy, not a disease.

I have been making Christmas cards for the gallery - found some super little beads and sequins in save the children shop - 50p a packet and nicer than Paper chase. I am thinking more subtle rather than in yer face santa fest. So far so good.

It's great to have a creative outlet and hnelps me to stop being simply a worried mama.