Sunday, 23 September 2012

Car Boot!

I haven't been to a car boot sale for some time, and have visions of finding that fabulous vintage bargain that sells on ebay for ten times what you paid for it! I have found crinoline lady pin cushions, 1950's sewing baskets, bits of vintage linen and the like and I thought I had found a winner today! An orange tupperware box had a stack of cigarette cards inside which I got for a quid. Rushed home checked ebay to see how much they go for a wow! Some fetch hundreds! I was getting really excited and could see that some were sold as reproductions. And then, glasses on, I read the small print on my quirky little cards and discovered they are reproductions ! Probably next to worthless but I do have a full set of caricatures of famous golfers from the 1920's! This week I have been rethinking what I am doing - have been inspired by Yorkshire Sculpture Park, not by the sculpture but the delicious items of jewelery in the shop. Like a gorgeous tiny pendant made out of china with a single quick drawing of a daisy. Cute. I have also been to see my new grand daughter Marianne who is also very cute. See pic. I am knitting from my stash too. I was going to make one of those turtle back jackets but the cat there first and now it has become his cushion. And I am determined not to buy any more wool having been given a wonderful three bags full (baa baa black sheep I am) of assorted bits and pieces in unpromising dull blues and browns. Hey ho. Mustn't look a gift horse in the mouth.
I am also struggling slightly with this new blogger dashboard and all since I have been so infrequent in my updates I really must try harder.
Here is the wonderful work of Andy Goldsworthy - I walked miles to see this. Tree in wall. Amazing.