Sunday, 9 October 2011

back to the needles!

My son has just been to New York and I am hoping he will bring me a NY times, which I have a mind to use in a newspaper teacup. I am getting a bit bored of the Daily Mail which my Mum in law let's us have (primarily for Mr D'Arcey's litter tray..) I really fancy doing some little naieve pictures on this tea-cup-to-be but kind of washed out, so the paper shines through.

But I am back to the needles, knitting, that is. Watched Star Trek (the movie) last night and last Saturday. Cannot quite believe that! But when you are knitting you miss most of the visuals on telly and just have the sounds. At least when you are doing fair isle. The idea is to have a go at those 1970's tank tops, mainly for me, as I am anticipating a cold winter!

I was asked to needle felt a little dog for one of Rosie's friends and he is now done. How to charge? Last time I was happy with a big bunch of flowers. He is made from wool washed and gathered from the fences around here. But this is a good place to get wool

Just found this lovely drawing of a lurcher on Folksy.

Meanwhile, until I can actually get a real doggie, I will be content with Mr D'Arcey who is fine company.

Yesterday I had another look here and drooled over the wool and their new craft workshop. Great lunch too! Plus I treated myself to a nice new jacket (one of those tatty looking indian ones that can look a bit too hippy if you are not careful...)