Saturday, 17 April 2010

beautiful day

and I have been in Bolton attending an annual astrology event. This is great. I get to eat some gorgeous food and prognosticate on the ways of the world and possible outcomes to current situations. We covered the history of aviation, since Uranus rules flight and will be changing signs soon in Aries. The last time it was there was in 1928 and since then we have had a technological revolution.

Interestingly, the planes are grounded, but then Saturn is opposing Uranus just now and the energy can block, create barriers, and literally ground us all.

I am stitching away happily. tonight I have made half a tea cozy, and photo's some more pics and sold another landscape! That's two this week - so thank you folksy fairy x


averilpam said...

I'm laughing just now as I misread your sentence (you wrote 'last time if was there was in 1928..') and thought you meant 'I was there' - thought you were wearing well for your age!!
pam x

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