Tuesday, 20 April 2010

keeping on

Everything seems so relentless at the moment. I had a call from the Gallery yesterday that there had been a glitch with a computer so my cards couldn't go on sale yet, but they should be sorted this week. I just want to know if they are a goer! meanwhile, my youngest daughter is down with pneumonia and feeling absolutely awful. It's not the kind of thing you expect, but then she often gets things that others don't and I just have to deal with it. But it's all quite stressful.

But I am stitching and making more stuff in the evenings. My spare room is in such a state with the ironing board heaped up with swathes of fabric, and bits of thread, all to make these little landscapes. I have decided to pull a few things on my folksy shop as they aren't quite right.

I should be more methodical, and I have listed a few craft sites, like Swanky Maison, Coriandr, Etsy, UK Handmade and some others, but it is so easy to get lost in all these - am wondering whether to join them all and see what happens, but my time is somewhat limited so not too sure. There were some rude things said about etsy on their forum, and I have put a couple of things on there but not expecting a lot of action.


averilpam said...

it's hard isn't it. I was on a load of sites, but without a large amount of stock on any of them, and after a year of not selling decided to stick to one and chose Folksy. I do sell now but sporadically, so I'm just not sure if I did the right thing!

wellydog said...

As my time is limited I just concentrate on Folksy, I think part of it is I feel comfortable there. I love the picture very dynamic x

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