Saturday, 10 April 2010

sunny day at last

and I have been talking to a lady down the road about pigs and farming, and how new people in the country side manage to mow down all the wild flowers before they get the chance to seed.

We ran out of jam, so being someone who makes life complicated, I dashed to the market and bought up their strawberries for 50p for 2 punnets. Bargain! Made jam which refused to set (probably because the strawberries were too soft) and boiled the whole lot up again. Managed to produce 3 jars and added a bit of Chardonnay to make it posh.

I am destashing and have put some amy Butler fabric on folksy and have also listed my latest scarf here

I have been embroidering again. I am not sure what to do with this as I am not certain that it's all that commercial, but it reminds me of the Welsh hills, the countryside and I realise how much I see these kind of views. Lucky or what!


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