Monday, 5 April 2010

gorgeous florals

Ok I admit, I didn't chuck out my chintz when Ikea was all trendy and Swedish and minimalist, and I have been a secret flowery addict for years, but I have to keep it a little hidden, since my other half is definitely into the sleek and smooth look. We find a compromise (like it's mostly my way or no way..). so imagine my sheer delight when checking out this month's Good Housekeeping which my dear mum in law gives to me when she's done with it(hint - what a great Christmas present - buy someone you love a subs to one of your favourite magazines which they then pass on to you! Although she wasn't impressed with Country Living, shame).

So here are some pics from the mag plus a few of my little springtime flowery inspirations. Yesterday, I put on a mad hatter's tea party and my little granddaughter was the star, of course, LOVING the little funny plushy squishy fleecy animal monkey thingy I made, and she was so much fun playing with her dad's mobile, especially when we rang it...

So we had cake, and scones, sandwiches, and chocolate and tea, lots of it... Here is my rather strange tea cozy which was admired too.


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