Sunday, 2 May 2010

They are selling!

Word back from the Gallery and the cards are going really well! they have been on sale since Wednesday and over 12 have gone, which is good since it's only open to the public in the afternoons 4 days a week! Apparently the little bird one was very popular although I wasn't so enamoured with this.

I have found a fantastic supplier of card, direct from the paper mill and you can fill up a box with card/paper etc for 2.99 for the small one.

On Monday I am going to a vintage craft fair in Didsbury with Rosie (eldest daughter) which I am so looking forward too!

Was out with OH yesterday - he ogles cars and I ogle people's scarves. What is this? Scarf lust? A woman walking in front of me was wearing the most gorgeous silk scarf with oranges, pinks and clashing colours. I nearly nicked it off but thought I would probably get an ASBO.

Here is a picture of Rosie and I when we went to visit the new addition to the family last July.


Thecraftytrundler said...

Well done with the cards, that's great!! I opened my blog shop yesterday, & have sold a picture & a book already! It's great isn't it!!
The Vintage craft fair sounds like an excellent idea. My idea of a perfect place to visit!

Sharon xx

Annabel said...

Hi Sharon

your blog is gorgeous and well done for making such quick sales. Your prices are amazing - our local garden centre has fabric covered books but they are about £15 and not as nice as yours x

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