Thursday, 18 February 2010

scary stuff

I'm okay with stuff that is 3d and in my hands. When it comes to digital, then it's a whole new ball game. Was listening to an extract from Woman's Hour about people who loved maths (good grief) and have come to the conclusion that the unseen world of algebra and weird number stuff is the same world as trying to do something digitally. We all have different talents for a reason. Maybe I should leave well alone and love my blog as it is.

New needle felting needles from ebay have arrived, all looking suitably like fairies' weapons of mass destruction, complete with barbs and exceedingly dangerous. Can't wait to get stabbing!

Meanwhile, I am putting together another Granny, what a gentle art this is! I found a magazine at work which is American and 4 years old with an article about Kaffe Fassett. It's worth hanging on to just for the colours. I just love his colours and what he does with them. Mmmm.

Today I started my new Welsh diet.It's great. You get to eat crumpets and cheese triangles. How refreshing.


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