Monday, 22 February 2010


I showed my new cards to a friend and she bought two! Ah, there is a market! There are so many cards out there, but I wanted to do something a bit different and she agreed with me that it is really hard finding something you like. All these different tastes...
speaking of which, I am tucking into a scone from Devon with strawberry jam and real clotted cream. So much for the diet. Back on with it tomorrow.


maricesworld said...

I have to agree, cards are a funny thing to sell...some cards that I made years ago (and don't really like anymore) sell better than my new ideas..just goes to show you can predict other peoples tastes lol.

It's a shame your photos didn't turn out to well, the fabric hearts card looks nice

Marice x

Annabel said...

Thanks! I will make some more and photo them in a better light. I have so many bits and pieces of fabric that's it's a shame not to use them!

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