Tuesday, 16 February 2010

First post

I saw a most wonderful exhibition at Ruthin. The most amazing contemporary silverware, enamel and decorative items. Plus too the most fabulous gorgeous jewellery, glassware etc. And they had a beautiful display of woven scarves too. It's been a while since I have feasted my eyes, and I am inspired.
I treated myself to a copy of Selvedge too. this is satisfying made of thick tactile paper, which smells nice and scrumptious photography. would love to go for a subscription, the height of indulgence and it\'s the kind of thing you would never recycle, but keep as a source book for years to come.

There is a strange merging from craft to real art; I am trying to figure out where one ends and the other begins...maybe this blog will be an exploration of this and my developing ideas. It's time to come full circle.


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