Tuesday, 23 February 2010

it's snowing AGAIN

what a bizarre evening. I decided to have a mooch around folksy forums and something came up about google analytics, so I set to in setting up and then I realised I had to go and collect my other half who had taken his car in to be sorted and needed a lift. This is a 9 o'clock at night with snow coming down in buckets. Anyway, got to the garage and he wasn't there. Seems he had set off home and I had driven straight past him (focusing on seeing road in blizzard and google analytics...). anyway, happy ending as we are now home safe, and I figured out the GA and have a nice cup of tea going too. Happy days.

Also the cards I had given to Cancer Research fund raising have gone down a storm, so what do I do? Cards for free for charity or charge for those who want to buy? Maybe do about three more for charity and there goes my five quid's worth (if people do buy them) to a great cause. And here is a pic of a jam pot cover I made in the summer.


faeryatrix said...

Hi, I've awarded your blog a sunshine award to View my post on who i've nominated goto. http://faeryatrix.blogspot.com/2010/02/my-nominees-for-sunshine-award-sunshine.html

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