Wednesday, 17 February 2010

blogtastic (not)

Okay so maybe it's too late at night, but with all the beautiful blogs in the world they all had to start somewhere. I love the ones that are so scrummy and full of deliciousness like Attic 24. Mine is plain and I have yet to discover how to make it pretty and with bits and bobs and heaven knows what else. Is it just too pink?

New things I am playing with are needle felting. What a weird extraordinary thing that is! Have made some funny little mongrels and feel strangely compelled to do more. And this was before I saw this fella by Domenica More Gordon. Oh my word! Brad Pitt wanted one for his kids and so on and on! Will photo mine at the weekend.


Clare'sCreations said...

My blog is also plain, I have no idea how to make it nice, I am still trying to get a Folksy badge on it! Never mind, at least you've started. looking forward to reading your blogs, Clare x

Annabel said...

thanks Clare - just did a google search for free blog templates and will have a go at tarting this one up!

Bliss Knits said...

Blogger is really easy to use (it must be for me to get my head around it!). Just add bits as you find them and your blog will grow and grow into prettiness - check out 'layout' then 'gadgets'.

Some people prefer simpler blogs though where the words and photos stand out rather than the background and 'added bits'. Not me!

I like the pink by the way! x

Annabel said...

thanks for this - will go and explore - downloaded a free template but waiting for my techie other half to show me how to make it happen x

Annabel said...

Now I've done it! Here is my funny little new looking blog.

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