Tuesday, 16 March 2010

confused dot com and tiny dogs

Well here we are and I spend my moments in between waking up and getting up to see what I can get excited about making next. Oddly, my dolls are my favourites and yet I have only sold one on folksy, but I have sold my funny little quirky animals and my exotic crocheted scarf (very quickly). the thing is, do you make for yourself or do you find something that is popular and make that? In a post somewhere I read that you have to have a USP. I am not sure that I have a USP, but out of all the things that I make, I would be more than happy to make either the crocheted scarf or the cards all day.

I don't actually have all day - I have a few snatched 20 minutes slots if I'm lucky, and there is nothing worse than being really involved in something and you have to stop. Arrested development!

I actually found a shop at the weekend called Cherry Tree, selling some lovely things. I couldn't go in cos it was closed but made need to investigate further.

Tiny dogs are fun to do too!


Susiej said...

I know just what you mean about making what you like vs what people will buy ! But, after all, we've opened shops to sell stuff, so there's got to be a compromise some where along the way !

averilpam said...

Interesting. I want to sell but I also want to enjoy the process of making. I had to stop selling fabric flower brooches which sold really well on stalls because it began to feel like I was on a factory production line making them! My techinques keep evolving and I just have to hope that people will like the new stuff I am making xx

averilpam said...

ps love the tiny dog!

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