Tuesday, 30 March 2010

black lace and cherub

I remembered I had printed off some pictures of Raphael's cherubs and used them on one of my doll's handbags a few years ago. And then I found some vintage black lace from my dear departed Mum's stash, and then I found some really bright pink felt and put them all together to make this !

I have put this on ebay rather than folksy just to see what happens. Folksy is great but it does take a while to sell things since there are so many beautiful things and people must get spoilt for choice.

I than twittered it and the page views went up from 4 to 33 in less than two minutes! We are all SO connected xx


maricesworld said...

Hi annabel,
I haven't 'visited' you for a while...neglecting blogs over the past couple of weeks - I'm bad i know!, so an afternoon of catching up and congrats on your gallery cards 60, thats amazing. I know what you mean with Folksy, quite slow at the moment so I'm taking the opportunity to try new makes. ps.I'm a 70's child so loveing your charity shop cushions and throw.

Marice x

Annabel said...

Hi marice... there aren't enough hours in the day! and no, you are not bad at all! thanks for dropping by! x

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