Sunday, 5 February 2012

the joys of winter

Yesterday I went for a walk and everywhere was glazed with ice, not frost, but ice and icicles. The ground was crunchy, not with snow but grainy ice. Quite weird. I love the misty colours and the dankness but am also glad that it stayed light until nearly 5.30.

I knitted a scarf, for some reason I am trying to use up my stash and I have this beautiful burnt orange funky chunky wool which is now a thick but not too long scarf. Simple stocking stitch, so it is quite sculptural.

I also got on with some cards on a more summery theme.

This is a most excellent blog by illustrator Vanessa Caban she makes the most delightful sculptures as above, and jewelery and I love the freshness of her colours, but then I like Kaffe Fasset colours too.

I think I need to study paintings again as this is what excites me - not so much the image but the colours and how they work together. The stripey baby blanket is getting bigger and this will be for the new grandchild, God willing that all is well here, but I am aware and cautious that nothing can be taken for granted. Meanwhile, I need to look up a suitable crocheted edging, perhaps in bright red.


The Sparkly Fairy said...

I love the cards you have made. Have a great day x

Lorna May said...

Love your card and thank you for sharing the blog. Another new one added to my list.
I love reading blogs more than telly watching :o)

{Dab and a dash.}

Annabel said...

me too - so appreciate the effort that goes into making them and that's why I am trying to be a little more proactive with mine! x

little brick house said...

I love the card, really pretty. I love the stitching really inspiring.

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