Saturday, 25 February 2012

garter stitch

Okay so this is the first thing you learn when you start knitting. Probably when you are around 7 with a pair of little plastic knitting needles and a ball of wool that nobody wants. You knit way too loose and your stitches fall off, or too tight and you cannot get the end of the blasted needle to go where it is supposed to go. Maybe this is the stage you simply give up and go and find something else to do.

Or you persist, and make your first scarf for your Barbie, Sindy, Tiny tears or teddy. You are so proud! And then in time you progress to something a little bit more complicated, only you have to get Granny to do the neckline as you don't quite know how you are supposed to pick up stitches. And so it goes on. I am not an expert knitter, as I don't knit and do nothing but knit. I am having a conversation, watching telly, listening to the radio or something else. The fact is, there is a little bit of guilt around just sitting and simply knitting and there just aren't the hours in the day to tackle something too complicated. At least that is my excuse. So having made jumpers, (one of which I wear when I come home at the end of the day and it means I don't have to turn up the heating too high as it is SO WARM and not even made of wool), I have now made SOCKS! and scarves of course and always have something on the go.

So this is back to basics - a garter stitch scarf which I am very pleased with. It will be on its way to Glasgow soon as a belated birthday present for my step daughter who is kindly grateful for everything I make for her.

Today I picked up a copy of the latest Country Living which has a feature on a divine old farmhouse, chintzy with bits of vintage and unmatched patterns and stone. I made a 1940's style fair isle slip over not long ago and sold it on ebay last year, as it was just too small (or time for me to lose weight) and I AM CERTAIN that the very same 40's style fair isle slip over is in the picture of this lovely farmhouse. Maybe these stylists trawl through ebay for bargains such as this. Anyway, it looks the same! What are the chances of that! How cool!


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