Saturday, 28 January 2012

work in progress

It's all been a bit of a muddle since Christmas. I have been busy, being busy, being active and using every moment to do things, knit, sew, make cards, along with the usual.

Some blogs have made me happy and I go there, and it's like having cake without the calories. This one is a great place to start. Perfect for cold January days.

I realise I am loathe to chuck things out and I am knitting a blanket for the new family baby, which will arrive this year, although it is early days yet. I am using some new Debbie Bliss (ooh the extravagance) and what is in my stash. It is good to have something so positive to think about. And it is lovely to see a baby in one of my blankets, as a kind and proud grandma told me last week and included the pic.

I found a baby last weekend who was quite new, with beautiful skin and the whispiest dark hair, (with her Mum enjoying on a rather gorgeous looking coffee and walnut cake), and the baby had the most delightful knitted blanket in quite bright colours, so now I am going to have to do something in cream, red and blue, with a bit of turquoise perhaps.

I made a card for my brother who is getting on a bit, although that means I am as well. I treated myself to a dip pen and ink and just drew a funny animal picture.

I have been making cards too - I had a lovely surprising cheque in the post from the recycling gallery after I had sent them some recycled cards before Christmas. I have now done another 20 and also some for here

And I have been doing patchwork too.....


Crystal Velvet said...

the blanket is beautiful. Makes me feel broody just looking at the colours. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful that you are creating and enjoying it all in one. I am a fan of your shop via Etsy. I am sure that whatever you create for new addition to your family will be felt with love and joy. Keep shining ~ It's beautiful to have stopped by

Anonymous said...

Also it's wonderful that you sent cards out, that is a very thoughtful thing to do.

I love making cards too and giving them always goes that extra mile, because it's from the heart.

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