Monday, 15 August 2011

paper and stitch

I am continuing to experiment with paper and stitching and treated myself to the latest cloth paper and scissors mag which is American. It is pretty good for ideas and inspiration but they seemed to be so geared up over their craftwise and I think we could learn a lot. I love the idea of working with ephemera and have made this card combining my favourite old postcard and sketching with stitching. I love old sketchbooks, and by the time my daughter Rosie went to art college over 10 years ago, the sketch books became fat and packed with ideas, drawing, texture and bits of writing. I think that eclectic mix has more possibilities and is more immediate than the finished product. I love the spontaneity of this and the fact the it's not finished and perfect. I would rather look at an artist's sketchbook, to get an insight into how ideas are played around with.

This card has been made bits of an old postcard (well a copy of it!) and some white cotton I have, plus a tiny piece of vintage tray cloth. The flowers are made from some gauzy fabric from a scarf I found in Help the Aged, (new actually!) and the sequins are from a stash I got a few years ago when I was rummaging in the remnants bit of a Sue Ryder charity shop. I certainly have done my bit for charity over the years! Besides, it's good to reinvent things. I have drawn on the card and distressed it with gold just to add to the texture.

I have also been given a tesco bag of old costume jewellery which is quite a treasure trove. I dismantled a necklace and made into a bracelet with lovely autumn colours and a bronze sequinned bead for a bit of sparkle. I am not sure if I should keep it or try to sell it.

Sales on folksy are somewhat erratic. I did okay in July as I was listing every day but now it's fallen off a bit probably because I am not!


hensteeth said...

Hello Annabel,
I have just found you in my spam filter...can you believe. I am sorry I have not responded before. Thank you for your comment and for stopping by.
I am so dreadfully sorry for your loss. I was shocked and horrified to read your post about your dear daughter. xxxx

Annabel said...

Bless you and thank you x

Matt Langston said...

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