Sunday, 18 July 2010

work in progress

I have started a new blanket with different grown up colours, like sludge, and faded blue, dirty pink, yukky green and cornfield yellow and such like. It's turning out okay and quite quickly since I have used a larger hook. The picture shows it on the kitchen table next to the lovely handbag I have just bought from folksy , much admired.

Today I came home and found my OH had picked a lovely bunch of flowers for me AND put them in water. Then I proceeded to cut the heads off and stuck them in between the pages of a big fat cookery book. And then piled on several heavyweight art books, and a flat iron. I am playing around with pressed flowers and fabrics and have a couple on folksy

Yesterday we did the wedding dress shopping thing for Amy and she has got the most beautiful dress. I thought we would be traipsing around forever but not so - she tried a few on and then picked one that gives her a tiny waist, keeps her boobs in place, and that she can walk in, and sit down in. Hope she doesn't drop a burger on it when she gets married on 5th November (how not to forget a wedding anniversary!). It's been hurried along a bit due to her illness. Her specialist reckons he isn't going to go for a bone marrow transplant for at least 6 months, and that only if they can find a donor. Such worrying times. She is coping by being focused on her wedding day. And I do my crochet. Think it keeps my mind in an alpha state to a certain extent, but not sure what else I can do.

Went out with the rest of the family for lunch and had pizza. Yum.


JAustenJewelleryDesign said...

Adore the colours of your blanket. I used to press a lot of flowers too and hope to get back into it soon.

I hope all goes well on the big day and that Amy continues to focus on her wedding, keeping her mind off other worries for the time being.

I got married in November too (8th) it was freezing cold! Great Autumnal colours in the photos though.

Jacqueline x

Annabel said...

Thanks! they think I am a bit mothery by saying it will be cold. Hard to imagine in the middle of summer!

I am considering making a blanket jacket in a kind of boxy style. I know my blanket was a godsend last winter when we were trying to cut down on heating and really keeps the cold out if you are sitting in front of the tv.

Let me know how you get on with your flower pressing - mine is fairly experimental but I have done the pictures and some cards that have turned out well. x

rosie said...

love the sound of the colours on the new crochet blanket-how have the beads gone?
also love the idea of pressed flowers on fabric- why ave I never thought of that before? (i have followed your blog whcih comes out as KATE)

Annabel said...

how bizarre!Not sure who kate is but Rosie is my daughter and she has just this minute called me. Funny old synchronicity. The beads re just too ugly at the moment. Tried sanding them but couldn't be arsed to be honest!

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